Community Blog

This is a blogging space set up so that people from the community can contribute content that may be useful for others to read.

This is not a general blog, but is specifically about coping with and managing mental health and wellbeing in the challenging times in which we live.

We welcome submissions from MHAS Members and people from the general public, as well as other mental health and counselling professionals.

In these trying times, our best defense may be finding ways to bind together as a community to continue to provide support, resources, and helpful and supportive information online.

Submissions in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, English, and other languages are very welcome

Guidelines for Blog Submissions:

  1. Please refrain from giving information that may cause fear or distress – this is an advice blog to provide emotional support and practical helpful advice for people with mental health needs, and caregivers of those with existing mental health conditions
  2. We welcome insights and information from projects that are helping people cope with this worldwide pandemic – BUT .. please consider the relevance of what you post – as people reading this blog are based in Sarawak
  3. Please do not criticize the work being done by state organisations. Health professionals across Malaysia are doing everything possible to contain this spread of COVID-19 under very tough circumstances, and many of them will be feeling burnout and stress at this time as well
  4. All Blog submissions will be moderated before they are posted – so please be patient while we do that
  5. Once a blog article is public, follow the @Facebook link to comment on the article online with the MHAS community

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