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With so much different and changing information out there about COVID-19, here we will update the latest verified, official guidance, and provide links to reputable sources of information

Important health information

It is important to find the right information about COVID-19. Many people are mislead by fake news and other fear-mongering news sources.

Although its important to remain aware about COVID-19, MHA Sarawak don’t recommend constantly checking the web for updates, or spending too much time preoccupied with health concerns, as this can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness. Following government guidelines, being diligent about hygiene, and being aware of some of the symptoms, are the best ways to protect you and your family against COVID-19.

These websites and other sources below are verified by MHA Sarawak as being trustworthy places to get up to date information, relevant to Sarawak.

Ministry of Health Malaysia

Latest Official Updates, Guidelines, and Advice

Sarawak Disaster Information

Emergency Hotlines, Public Announcements, and Information

Sarawak General Hospital COVID-19 Screening Inquiry

A community information service with specialists, where you can get specific answers

World Health Organisation Q&A on COVID-19

Internationally sourced information based on the leading evidence

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